Membership Application

Fill out the web form below, or download the PDF application. Please contact General Manager, Chris Bellamy, at 419-747-1556 ext. 3 or to submit your application or ask any questions about membership. All membership applications must be approved by the Westbrook Country Club Board of Directors.

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I hereby apply for membership in Westbrook Country Club and, if accepted, agree to abide by its Constitution, Rules, and Regulations. The applicant agrees and consents that Westbrook Country Club may obtain a credit report for the express purpose of pre-qualifying for an extension of credit. It is further agreed and understood that Westbrook Country Club is not making any implied or expressed commitment by taking this course of action.

It is further understood that Club privileges shall not begin until this application is submitted and approved by the Westbrook Country ClubBoard of Directors. Furthermore, the undersigned hereby agrees to pay for all dues, assessments and /or charges for food and service costs within 30 days, and further agrees to pay all costs, including reasonable attorney fees and expenses and court costs incurred in the cost of the indebtedness.

I understand that, should I resign, the balance of any amounts due the club for initiation fees, dues or charges shall be immediately due and payable.

I have read and agree to the above statements.
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